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I require a 30% non-refundable deposit on the sale of any of my chinchillas. The deposit MUST be paid with a Money Order or Cash only.
    Be absolutely sure that you are committed
before you confirm with me!!!

This deposit also applies to any transaction, agreed upon by both parties, which requires me to hold a chinchilla of your choice.

Sales are on a first come, first serve basis.   If you are interested in a chinchilla that I have, you need to get your deposit to me as quickly as possible.

If I have not received your deposit and someone else comes along that has an interest in the same chinchilla, I can sell that chinchilla to them and give them the same opportunity to get their deposit to me as quickly as they can.

You will have one week to get your deposit to me. You can send a MONEY GRAM or WESTERN UNION if you are concerned about the deposit getting to me on time.

I will hold a chinchilla for up to two weeks after the deposit has been received by me.

Babies will not leave until they are weaned and doing well on their own.

If I have not received your deposit, that chin can be put back up for sale and sold to another interested buyer.

Deposits will only be refunded if a chinchila becomes ill or dies while they are still in my care.  You may apply the deposit to another chinchilla of your choice if that occurs.

Sale Pending means I have received the deposit and an agreed upon date has been set for the chinchilla to be picked up.

If the chinchilla is not picked up by this agreed upon date, or buyer backs out, the deposit will not be refunded and the chinchilla will be placed back up for sale.

I have the right to decide who I wish to purchase my chinchillas.

I also have the right to cancel any sale of my chinchillas at any time if I feel their future living environment is in danger.


**I have read & agree to the above Sales Policy & the information provided below.**

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***The information needed below is for the purpose of purchasing a chinchilla. The breeder will instruct the buyer & provide the information needed to complete the section below so that the buyer can mail it along with their deposit to hold the chinchilla until the agreed upon date.

Chinchilla/chinchillas: Pedigree #RWJW

Cost of chinchilla/chinchillas:

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30% deposit:

Balance to be paid upon pickup:

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