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2. Chinchilla Pellets (not rabbit)--preferably pellets NOT mixed with treats, because they tend to eat only the treats.  I use "Tradition" chinchilla pellets, but there are others to choose from.

3. Whole Grain Supplement--I order mine from Lone Star Chinchilla @,,  The cost is about $1.85 per pound.  Mix it with crushed rose hips.  I like to mix 5 parts of grain to 1 part rose hips.   I give my chins 1 teaspoon each evening when I feed them.

4. Alphalfa or Timothy Hay--You can buy it loose or in cubes.  I use the cubes.

5. Hay Rack--you can purchase these to hang in the cage & put loose hay in them.

6. Dry Papaya--one each evening (about the size of an M&M).

7. Dry Shredded Wheat--Spoon-size-plain ( NO sugar or frosted).  Mine get 1 each evening.

8. Dry Raisens--Use these in moderation.   Too many of these is not good for them. Some people give 1 per day.  I give mine 1 or 2 about 4 times a week.

9. Veterinarian for "EXOTIC" pets.

10. Wood for chewing--(see list of SAFE & UNSAFE woods on my Cages & Set Up section.   They always need something to chew on, because their teeth constantly grow.  If their teeth get too long, they will have problems.

11. Pumice for chewing--It is best if you can drill holes in the wood & the pumice so that it can be hung or you can buy it ready to be hung from the pet stores.   If it is left on the floor of the cage, they will potty on it & then they will not use it.   I drill holes in mine & string them on treat kabobs that they sell in the pet stores ( usually in the bird aisle).  I use the solid straight ones, not the ones made out of chain.  It is too difficult to thread them on chain.  You can put the wood & the pumice on the same holder.  My husband cuts branches off our apple tree & slices it & drills holes & threads that.  They love it!!  Or sometimes he goes to Lowe's or a home building supply store & buys boards ( ONLY WOODS FROM THE SAFE & UNSAFE WOODS LIST!!) & cuts it & I use that.  But then again, we have many chinnies.  

12. Food Dishes--Again, you need to get the hanging types.  If their dish is sitting on the floor of the cage, they WILL use it for a potty & then they won't eat it.

13. Water Bottle--glass or plastic, but if you get plastic they may eat a hole in it if they can reach it.  They sell guards for the bottles if you wish to use them.

14. Bath House & Bath Dust--They sell actual bath houses for chinchillas, but there are a variety of other things that can be used instead.  For instance, pans, basins, bowls, etc.  Use a fine dust to protect their coat.  They sell a cheaper one, but it is too coarse & it will cut up their beautiful coats.  Don't use it.

15. Pine Shavings--DO NOT USE CEDAR SHAVINGS.   IT CAN KILL YOUR CHIN!!  The fumes are not good for their respiratory systems & if eaten will be fatal to them.

16. Cuddle Bone--You can use this if you want, but don't buy the colored ones, get white.  I bought colored ones for mine one time & their faces were all yellow & some pink!!  It finally wore off in a few days.

Enjoy shopping for your new friend.   There are many things in the stores that are tempting to buy for them, but use this list as a guide to keep your chin healthy, happy & most important safe.

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